Does any one actually know what love means?

What is your definition of love..

Well some people say they love me after only meeting me once..

Some people say love you just like you would say goodbye..

Can you meet someone and fall in love straight away or is that what we should call lust.

I feel love is a hard word to differentiate in this world.. every one no matter what age or ethnicity you our all have a different understanding

I guess the same goes for the word Sorry…

Some say sorry like it has no meaning then make the same mistake again then say sorry.

You could hit someone then say sorry then repeat it and say it again.. so what did saying sorry actually mean? was it just automatic reflux word that comes out us humans because we are taught when you do something wrong you say sorry….

When we are young and learning to walk and talk no one actually tells you or explains to you why you are doing what you do.. you just do it right.

Why is that? is that because the person who is teaching us is the person we trust and assume what they are telling is right or is it we don’t know any better so we just go with the flow..

When your at school and you get stressed because algebra makes no sense and you don’t do well in your home work so your automatic feeling is to feel sad. However they don’t tell you when and why you would use algebra in future life do they? to be frankly honest I’ve never had to use it so far.

So we come back to my theory about why do we say the words love you and sorry and what do they really mean to us.

Call from the past

Someone you had put back in your mind and hadn’t thought about him suddenly calls you..

Even now I don’t even know why I answered the call but when I did & heard his voice it was like we have never been apart.

The voice, the breathing and the way he said my name sent shivers down my spine and brought back all the feelings I had thought had gone away forever.

After talking for awhile he then disappeared Β like he had never called no trace no message just gone.

Affair with a married man….. Why??


When your other half tells you you have done nothing wrong its me…

Thats when alarm bells start ringing in your head..

You wonder was it something i said or did .. Why is he avoiding me? You know when you try no matter what but nothing seems to be working then you hear the word its not you its me…

Thats when your whole world comes crashing down around you..

The feeling of someone has ripped out your heart when you find out he has been cheating on you…

First i don’t understand why would a young single girl want to get hooked up on a guy who is married with kids? Do you really think you have a future…

Daily moan…

Today is a new day & hopefully better then yesterday..

Can you truly know everything about someone you love?

Why is so much easier for men to walk away from there responsibility..

Today I believe selfless people are the ones who get used & hurt & are left to pick up the broken pieces. Whilst selfish people have all the fun whilst causing all the misery but for some reason they have a very good way of turning it around & making you feel it’s all your fault! 😦

Hello world!

I’m just another individual trying to juggle a full time job & be a mum to 3 kids.

This is no way self pity I’m hopping blogging will help me fight my demons of betrayal & bring back my confidence to find that light that everyone talks about at the end of the tunnel…